Touch Screen Enabled

Touch Screen Enabled


The Xcite Health system is highly configurable and completely modular. Combined with a unique user interface utilizing touch screen technology, the system provides your practice with a one-of-a-kind solution for all practices, big and small.

Given that up to 70% of all physicians believe that EHRs decrease patient face-to-face time and decrease overall efficiency, having a system with touch screen technology is one way to leap-frog and vastly improve the overall quality of patient care. Xcite Health provides an opportunity for you and your team to regain the relationship with your patients that you had – before EHRs were introduced!

With Xcite Health’s touch screen capabilities, and the ability to individualize and customize the experience for every single physician, it will become evident to you and your team that you can chart quickly and efficiently – hence more assuredly being able to enjoy practicing medicine.

This truly one-of-a-kind solution puts the physician in the driver’s seat. Based on how you practice medicine, the information on the screen is altered every time a decision is made and the screen is touched. The dynamic screen, built to be reactive to your touch and individual decisions, facilitates the optimization of the office – allowing your practice to see more patients and therefore increase revenue.

The bottom line:  the Xcite Health system design is strikingly unique. It is different than anything else available today. The system’s one-of-a-kind interface, combined with the unique Office View Dashboard, the screen layout and presentation and the touch screen technology, makes the Xcite Health system the most intuitive and fastest to learn.

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