In a multi-office practice, communication is sometimes difficult. Xcite Health’s internal message system greatly simplifies our being able to communicate with each other about patients and other issues such as vacation plans and where to go to lunch. The message system is not promoted much, but it soon becomes indispensable.

Tom Seitz MD, Island Coast Pediatrics, Ft.Myers, FL

The EHR has turned my office from chaos to Chopin. Patients move seamlessly through the healthcare sequence from check in to check out. Waiting times have been dramatically reduced every step of the way–not just the waiting room time. Parents are happier because going to the doctor no longer takes two hours out of their already overcrowded schedule. I can see more kids per hour with an actual increase in preventive services like screenings and vaccines–thus improving healthcare and increasing revenue at the same time.

Dr. Jeffrey Cooper , Cooper Pediatrics, Duluth, GA

Great software for pediatrics offices! I think Xcite has the best supplementary software for office staff. My front and back staff love the simplicity of Xcite. I do like the workflow setup of the Xcite. I’d recommend this software for small, medium, and large pediatric offices!

Dr. Samuel Song , GC Duluth Pediatrics, Duluth, GA

None of my employees would ever work in an office with paper charts again after working with Xcite.

Dr. Randall Doerman , Great Falls, VA