Reduce Patient Delays

Reduce Patient Delays

doctor-73117_640The efficiency of your office is critical to increasing patient satisfaction and appropriately reducing patient delays. Technical problems, staff communication issues and broken office processes wind up hampering how quickly the medical professionals in your office can assist your patients.

With delayed services, patients become agitated and may leave, they do not refer you to other potential patients, and their frustrations bubble over into less-than-pleasant conversations with you and/or your staff.

A complete system that manages each important step, from beginning to end, and has the standard requirements for how you practice medicine embedded into the system – will ensure that nothing is overlooked, and patients are not kept waiting (because the staff is kept waiting while they await further direction from you, the physician).

A great example of how the Xcite Health system reduces patient delays is provided by this quote from Dr. Jeffrey Cooper:

 The EHR has turned my office from chaos to Chopin. Patients move seamlessly through the healthcare sequence from check in to check out. Waiting times have been dramatically reduced every step of the way – not just the waiting room time. Parents are happier because going to the doctor no longer takes two hours out of their already overcrowded schedule. I can see more kids per hour with an actual increase in preventive services like screenings and vaccines – thus improving healthcare and increasing revenue at the same time.”

We invite you to read some of our Case Studies which highlight a number of the many physician office practice success stories from Xcite Health clients who have seen their practices become more efficient, boosted profitability, and increased patient satisfaction with the Xcite Health system.

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