Real-Time View of Office Activity

Real-Time View of Office Activity


When a physician orders a vaccine or strep test from within the exam room, the task to prepare that vaccine shows up on every staff member’s Office View Dashboard. There is no waiting for the physician to finish the patient visit before giving the nurse the instructions to prepare the vaccine that was ordered.

A critical difference in the Xcite Health system is its ability to make everyone’s work – your work and your staff’s work – better coordinated and synchronized! Don’t compromise with a different system that wastes your time – utilizing Xcite Health will make sure EVERYONE knows what they have to do!

By keeping the whole team ‘in the loop’, and ensuring everyone is focused on moving the patient through your personally designed patient care protocol, things get done faster and more efficiently! The Office View Dashboard makes sure everyone knows ‘what to do next’.

The system seamlessly leads all members of the team to the next task easily and quietly! Work is consistent, simultaneous and seamless – ensuring high levels of staff and patient satisfaction.

With the Office View Dashboard, you will know ‘what needs to be done next’, without even having to think about it. That’s what the Office View Dashboard gives you – it’s like magic! The Xcite Health system gives you more control, allows you to get more done and helps you to reignite your passion and excitement for practicing medicine.

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