Your Patients Refer Other Patients.

Practices grow mainly by referral. Quality care and low waiting times ensure this vital process. Parents and patients truly appreciate a well-run medical practice. Now you can achieve this with Xcite Health and finally experience an ‘office visit made simple’.

When you are organized, and your staff knows what to do next because of the Xcite Health Office View Dashboard, there is no yelling or ‘barking’ of orders. If your patient needs to provide a urine sample, the staff already knows – and seamlessly arranges it while the patient is in the office.

Great care is the cornerstone of referrals. However, there are many tips and ideas about how to encourage your current patients to refer other patients. We will share a few with you, and explain how the Xcite Health system can support your efforts to gain more referrals.

When the first person speaks to a patient and collects their information, the most important question is, “Is this your first time here?” Then the staff member should ask, “How did you hear about us?” and “Did someone refer you?”

If they were referred by someone then, as the physician, you must be told this information via a message in their file. In that way, you can acknowledge the current patient as soon as you meet the new patient. Then, separately, after the first visit, your staff should send a note with your signature to the current patient, thanking them for the referral of the new patient – being sure to name the new patient.

All of this can be automated as a query or template in the Xcite Health system. Being prompted to do something like this makes life so much easier than having to remember to do it every time!

Additionally, it is very critical that you put in extra effort towards the new patient in order to make a solid first impression. As suggested in the comments to these 50 Tips for getting referrals, when it comes to new patients, you must show consistency with your follow-up and follow-through in regards to the coordination of care/circle of care for the new patient, to make a lasting, positive first impression.

With the Xcite Health system, you can embed specific follow-up action plans, reminders to your staff to make calls, book referrals, report lab results, etc. Your conversation with the new patients, and the commitments you have made to them can all be documented and assigned to your staff as part of the Xcite Health system. This ensures that the new patient will become an advocate for you and your practice.

Obtaining referrals from current patients is one of the most high-yield and successful medical practice promotion activities that you and your staff can put in place. New patients referred by current patients are more likely to be compliant and satisfied than patients who find you on their own. Most of us understand this from an intellectual level, but we struggle to move from knowledge to implementation.

Join the Xcite Health team and we will work with you to optimize your office work processes and the patient flow – so you are more efficient, your staff is more coordinated, patients are happier and you effortlessly ask them to refer more patients.

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