Optimize Your Time. Optimize Your Billing.

Every day is another chance to make choices which can help you accomplish more of what really matters. As a pediatrician, being effective is a matter of finding a balance between what only you can do versus what others can accomplish. The secret lies in having a system like Xcite Health that knows what a pediatrician needs, in order to be effective and successful. And, in knowing how to properly bill for those activities, so you can optimize your revenue.

You don’t want a one-size-fits-all system.

We know that everyone practices medicine differently. However, there are also some basic ‘keys to success’ in managing a pediatric practice. In these areas, Xcite Health is ten steps ahead of the rest!

With our templates, we can easily help you create an individualized plan that works for you based on all of the factors at hand – the number, skill and type of staff you have, as well as the breadth of patient types and issues that are coming through your door every day.

For example, why should you spend time telling your nurse to vaccinate a patient, when the Xcite Health EHR can prompt the nurse, make sure it’s done according to your protocol/timing and the activity is then directly recorded into the patient chart.

And, you want to ensure you bill properly.

With Xcite EHR + PM your billing is seamless. As soon as a diagnosis is made, everything is automatic and flows into the practice management side for 100% accuracy:

  • The associated procedure
  • ICD-9 (soon ICD-10)
  • E&M (Evaluation & Management) codes

No more billing sheets to slow you down.

Also, enjoy the benefits of increased billing revenue.

Often, with paper billing sheets, the correct billing codes get misused, or forgotten altogether. This costs you hard-earned revenue. Not so with the Xcite EHR and PM.

With the Xcite EHR and PM, charge capture increases to 100%.

On average, practices increase their charges and revenue by 15%. Even the most meticulous practices have been shown to be able to optimize billing and therefore grow revenue. All patient orders are made within the EHR and, together with the E&M wizard, produce the proper billing codes for your review. This saves time and generates more revenue.

Let’s face it. The ability to see more patients is on the mind of most physicians. Quality care delivered to one or two more patients can dramatically increases revenue. The key is both optimizing your time AND optimizing your billing. That’s where Xcite Health can help.

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