Enjoy Practicing Medicine.

Xcite Health provides the tools to practice medicine the way you want to practice medicine, without forcing you into a template or someone else’s data entry formats. Therefore, Xcite Health frees up your valuable time for patient care, rather than filling out forms. The result? You can now focus on increasing patient satisfaction.

One of the frustrating aspects of practicing medicine is the ever-increasing amount of paperwork, along with insurance and legal issues, which all contribute to stress. And, often, even your electronic health record system contributes to your stress.

The Xcite Health advanced system was designed with you and your practice in mind, and provides these key features to reduce your stress and help you enjoy practicing medicine again:

  • Simple to use: Xcite EHR is a sophisticated workflow management system. Meaning Xcite provides the right information to the right user at the right time. Before “Go-Live,” our training staff configures each screen to appear chronologically in the same fashion as you practice medicine.
  • Charting made simple: There is no jumping around to various computer screens to chart an encounter. The results with Xcite are decreased charting times, decreased patient wait times, and an overall more enjoyable experience.
  • It’s all in the usability: Xcite provides the tools to cut paperwork, including patient forms and documents. It is a system which dramatically decreases charting a complete patient encounter.

Go back in time: Enjoy practicing medicine again!

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