Coordinated Staff.

The Xcite EHR has a unique “Office View Dashboard” which does a brilliant job coordinating your staff. It allows for all aspects of the patient encounter, including tasks, roles and staff locations, to be seen in real-time and organized based on the way you practice medicine. Voila! A coordinated staff.

From patients in the waiting room to “checking out”, every aspect of the patient encounter is time-stamped and tracked in real-time through the Xcite EHR Office View Dashboard screen. Roles and tasks are color coordinated to the individual staff member, allowing for a “quick glance” of the entire office proceedings.

Since all tasks ordered are in real time, it’s now possible to know instantly how long patients have been in the waiting room, or how long a patient has been waiting to have the swab for their strep test completed. This orchestrates the most crucial feature in a successful, efficient physician’s office: simultaneous tasking, which is at the heart of staff coordination.

While in the room with the patient, as the physician orders the vaccines, without even opening the door, the nurse can be preparing the vaccines at her workstation. Why? Because the orde is sent to the nurse in real-time. This streamlined process also tends to prompt staff to stay on task, making everyone more effective and more efficient.

Simultaneous tasking is the only way to improve office performance and decrease patient waiting times!

View the Xcite EHR Office View Dashboard today. (Click to View)

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