Balance Your Practice. Balance Your Life.

The Xcite Health system was created by physicians, for physicians, with the goal of enabling you to practice medicine and maintain a more balanced life and a more balanced practice. Xcite has intuitive charting, based on the assessments and treatment plans customized by you, enabling you to focus on the patient, not the forms.

The Xcite Health system also has an Office View Dashboard, along with simultaneous tasking for you and the office staff, delivering the right task to the right person in real-time. Both of these tools provide dramatic improvements in office efficiency and workflow because they simplify your work.

In fact, in most practices surveyed, patient wait times decreased, satisfaction increased, and physicians were able to choose to see more patients with Xcite Health system – while still feeling more in control of their practice and their life.

Take back control and balance your life — by balancing the demands of your practice!

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