Personalized Work Flow

Personalized Work Flow

businessHave you ever heard of an Electronic Health Record (EHR), or any type of medical practice software system, that can be personalized to exactly fit your needs, and the way you practice medicine?

Well, Xcite Health is the only complete system on the market that can do this for you!

As the leader in providing a customized and personalized medical practice system, we have been helping physicians go home on time and maximize their revenue for years! There are many components to this unique, one-of-a-kind system that we offer:

  • An overall work flow that is built for you based on the way you want your staff to process patients
  • Computer screens that are customized and personalized for each individual healthcare practitioner in your office
  • The order of each decision, and each field, can be modified based on how each person would like to see it presented to them
  • An ability to change or adapt any piece of your system ‘on the fly’, to ensure that you and your staff are coordinated and synchronized
  • Customized templates, forms, and processes based on:
    • Different specialties
    • Different roles/functions
    • Different sites in your group
    • Different preferences
    • Different patients
    • And more …

For many physician practices, being able to implement a personalized work flow ‘changes things forever’!

Here’s how to tell if the Xcite Health system is right for you. Do any of these examples describe your situation?

  • Do you feel that, as a physician, you are constantly giving instructions to your staff—and always following up to ensure things have been done?
  • Do you feel that you are being asked to change the way you practice medicine, and adapt to the structure and rules of your EHR software?
  • Do you feel that you became less productive once you moved from your paper-based system to the EHR?
  • Even if the EHR implementation was a while ago, do you wish you could finish your charting at the same time that the examination has been completed?
  • Do you feel like you could see more patients if you could be more productive, and that your medical practice software system – particularly pieces like the EHR – are holding you back from doing more patient encounters each day?

This is what truly sets us apart at Xcite Health.

The unique, critical component that benefits your practice in the Xcite Health system is our focus on making everyone’s work – your work and your staff’s work – better synchronized and coordinated!

By ensuring the whole team is ‘in the loop’, and they are all focused on moving the patient through your personally designed patient care process, things get done more expeditiously and more proficiently! Additionally, the Office View Dashboard guarantees everyone knows ‘what to do next’.

The Xcite Health system effortlessly leads all staff in your practice to the next step easily and quietly! Work is seamless, simultaneous and consistent – thus ensuring high levels of patient care and a happy staff.

Upon bringing Xcite Health into your practice, we customize everything to fit with how work flows in your office. This ensures that the software drives action, ensures consistency, and increases visibility by connecting your people with relevant tasks and information. It helps you rapidly transform your practice—with applications that connect the right people to the right information and the right work.

All of this puts YOU in charge, rather than working with other systems that force you to practice medicine ‘their way’.  We make you the author, the editor, the publisher and the publicist of your ‘rule book’ on how your office works:

  • YOU are the author, deciding how you practice medicine, because Xcite Health was built to allow you to author the fine details of how work flows in your office.
  • YOU are the editor, perfecting and optimizing the way you work. And, on-the-fly, you can use the system’s editing tools to allow you and your staff to fine-tune your system to ensure things run smoothly.
  • YOU are the publisher and the publicist. You publish the rule book and through that process you PUBLICIZE this information to your whole staff. Therefore, they know ‘when and how’ to do their work – thereby meeting your expectations!
  • With Xcite Health’s easy-to-use tools and configurable system, you can customize and personalize your entire practice so it maximizes your success. This makes your team more efficient, your life easier, and your practice more profitable!

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