baby-was-receiving-his-scheduled-vaccine-injection-in-his-right-thigh-muscle-ie-intramuscular-injection-725x490Our roots are in pediatrics … and you may even know us by our previous name:  EncounterPRO! But, we have certainly grown up a lot since then – just like all of the patients in your practice!

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) component of the now ‘complete’ medical office system from Xcite Health was originally created and built by a pediatrician, Dr. John Copenhaver, along with Chuck Webster, a guru in medical practice office efficiency. In fact, the original software, whose core outstanding features are still in place today, won the first three ambulatory EHR HIMSS Davies Awards.

The mainstay of the Xcite Health system is its ability to allow you to create and customize the screens and the flow of data so the EHR follows your way of practicing medicine, rather than you being forced into a ‘box’ designed by someone else!

Today, Xcite Health has gone ‘way beyond’ this critical feature to actually provide a tremendous number of pediatric-specific customized charts, templates and processes. Here is a partial list of the Xcite Health pediatric features – and, if you don’t see it here, let us know and we will create it for you!

  • Well Visit Templates
  • Health Maintenance Rules
  • Immunization Forecasting
  • Voice Recognition
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard / Reports
  • Pediatric-Specific Screening Tools
  • School & Camp Forms
  • Vaccine Refusal Forms
  • Growth Charts
  • Lab Interface
  • The MOST Easy-to-Use Main Screen – customizable to YOU!
  • ICD-10 Features that Optimize Revenue
  • Generates Asthma Action Plan
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • Personalized Workflow
  • Patient Portal E-Prescribing Formulary Check
  • State Vaccine Registry Interface
  • Real-Time Viewing of Office Activities
  • Treatment Templates
  • Updated Drug Database
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Easy-to-Use and Access Information

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