Payment with Lightning Speed

Payment with Lightning Speed

The Xcite Health medical billing and revenue management solution improve your practice’s finances by ensuring you get paid faster while saving you money!


Our expert team brings a sophisticated, analytical approach to the medical billing process. This results in us improving your performance by 12% to 20%, or more.

Our Strategy will:

  • Make excess aging a thing of the past, while also avoiding undercharging
  • Eliminate government fines and ensure compliance
  • Identify and rectify areas in which under-coding is having you ‘leave money on the table’
  • Construct a plan and processes to wipe out future accounts receivable (A/R) issues

Key Components of Our Lightning Speed Program that bring financial success to your medical practice

  • Patient Scheduling with Advanced Eligibility Verification
  • Entry of Demographic Information
  • Expert Certified Coders provide In-Depth Medical Coding Review
  • Charge Entry Scrub and Claims Submissions
  • EDI Rejections
  • Payment Posting
  • Processing of Patient Statements
  • Aggressive Claims Follow-up
  • Regular Patient Accounts Receivable Follow-up and Strategies for Future Avoidance
  • Handle and Address Patient Call Inquiries
  • Secondary Claims Processing
  • Regular Customized Reports and Dashboards for ‘Performance at a Glance’
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State-of-the-Art Tools to Ensure your Claims are Paid Faster

Let Xcite Health remove the stress and aggravation of claims submission and payment. Xcite Health’s claims management system can ensure your medical practice successfully conquers rejections, delays, denials and other obstacles that are compromising your financial success.

With the Xcite Health system, we navigate your claims through an extensive array of steps to guarantee that clean claims are sent to payers – the FIRST TIME.

Our powerful claims tracking feature eliminates lost claims. This leading-edge system reports when the claim was received, delivered and accepted by payers. If rejections do arise, Xcite Health’s sophisticated online tools allow the team to research, edit and quickly resubmit the claims.

Eliminate the Mountains of Paperwork – Forever!

Currently, Xcite Health’s electronic remittance advice (ERA) system delivers remittance advices for 500+ payers. The team has key connections, along with sophisticated technology to automate this manually-intensive, costly and time-consuming process.

Take control of your back office by eliminate expensive paper processes with Xcite Health’s system. Our advanced ERA tools allow users to search and find an EOB (explanation of benefits) by payer, check or patient name.

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