Patient Portal

Patient Portal

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The Xcite Patient Portal, another key component of the suite of tools, has been built to empower your practice. The portal allows patients to access important information and communicate with their physician in a secure, user-friendly interface. With the cloud-based Xcite Patient Portal, practices can share medical records, appointment and other patient reminders, billing statements, prescriptions, and lab results with their patients – instantly.

How Can the Xcite Health Patient Portal Empower My Practice?

Imagine a physician-based practice without the shelves and shelves of paperwork, illegible prescriptions, and unending stacks of patient intake and registration forms. With the Xcite Health Patient Portal, all of that vital information is available to both your practice and your patients – day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Practices that use the Xcite Patient Portal not only rid themselves of unnecessary paperwork but also substantially reduce the number of calls from patients and significantly reduce internal operating costs.

How Can the Xcite Health Patient Portal Help My Patients?

With our secure Patient Portal, your patients can complete time-consuming paperwork, request appointments, refill prescriptions, view their medical records and securely instant message their doctor or the staff – when it’s convenient for them. And, forget the fax machine! Medical records and patient education materials are now available anytime and anywhere.

You will optimize your time, and the patient’s time, because scheduling, registration forms, billing, and other basic practice tasks are completed online. Your practice will run more smoothly and efficiently, allowing medical staff to spend more time where they belong: with the patient.

Features and Functionality

The Xcite Health Patient Portal includes the following features. You choose which ones are right for your practice:

  • Online self-registration for patients.
  • Secure patient and administration logins for Electronic Health Record access.
  • HIPAA-compliant secure messaging for both staff and physicians.
  • Online statements and bill payment mechanisms.
  • News and Announcement pages.
  • Online appointment request forms.
  • Online prescription refill request forms.
  • EHR integration of medical records.
  • Document and image management.

The Xcite Health Patient Portal is an integral part of the Xcite Health suite of tools that allows practices and patients to connect anytime, anywhere. Call (800) 924-8344 to learn more about the Xcite Health Patient Portal.

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