Other Specialties

Other Specialties

maxresdefaultAs the most adaptable and flexible complete medical office system available on the market today, Xcite Health is perfect for any physician.

The impact of Electronic Health Records (EHR) on the time efficiency of physicians and nurses has been extraordinary – but not in a good way! In some studies, EHRs have increased documentation time for physicians by 17.5%. And, when you cannot complete your documentation while the patient is in front of you – that’s extra after-hours time – PLUS you now have to remember what happened.

This gap between the visit and the documentation increases the time required to input the information and/or causes errors if things are not remembered correctly.  (Have you ever played ‘telephone tag’ with your own brain – nobody’s memory is perfect!)

Xcite Health speeds up the documentation process and lets you go home on time because you can customize the whole patient encounter to the way YOU practice medicine, and to your specialty!

In fact, based on a 2013 Rand Study, EHRs are worsening professional satisfaction, which they reported as being driven by these two factors:

  1. Time-Consuming Data Entry because the majority of physicians who interact with EHRs directly describe them as requiring cumbersome, time-consuming data entry.
  2. User Interfaces That Do Not Match Clinical Workflow
    Beyond data entry, physicians and their colleagues describe EHR user interfaces that, in important ways, hamper rather than facilitate their clinical workflow. Non-intuitive order entry was particularly problematic.

Xcite Health can bring to your practice industry-leading flexibility and adaptability – to customize and individualize the clinical workflow for every single physician, thereby allowing you to chart efficiently and quickly. Each screen, each piece of information, can be modified to fit your needs.

Today, we service many specialties such as urgent care, allergists, obstetricians, gynecologists, ophthalmology, gastroenterologists, and more. Call us today to find out how this one-of-a-kind system can adapt to the way you practice medicine.

All Physicians and All Specialties Work Differently – We Understand That!

Every practice and every specialty has templates and requirements that are unique, driven by each physician’s personal wishes, habits and training. Consequently, identifying the specific components:  an EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Revenue Management system that customizes, configures and adapts to your specialty and the way you practice medicine – is a dream come true!

The Xcite Health complete medical office system is fully modular, has award-winning configurability and, in conjunction with a one-of-a-kind user interface which utilizes touch screen technology, advances the practice of medicine for all specialties.

The Xcite Health team has developed customized templates, charts and processes to increase your efficiency and let you go home on time. Here is a short list of some of the Xcite Health tools and features. But please remember, if it is not listed below, just talk to us and we will create it for you!

  • Clinical Alerts
  • Disease Management Templating
  • Easy-to-Use and Access Information
  • Express Exams
  • First Visit Templates
  • Health Maintenance Rules
  • ICD-10 Features that Optimize Revenue
  • Lab Interface
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard / Reports
  • Multiple Complaints Coordination
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Patient Portal E-Prescribing Formulary Check
  • Personalized Workflow
  • Real-Time Viewing of Office Activities
  • Referrals Templates
  • Screening Tools
  • The MOST Easy-to-Use Main Screen – customizable to YOU!
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • Treatment Templates
  • Updated Drug Database
  • Voice Recognition

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