Optimize $ with Advanced Analytics

Optimize $ with Advanced Analytics

Xcite Health helps increase revenues while guaranteeing compliance and accuracy

revenueGuaranteed Financial Improvement

You can be confident that your billing will be managed properly, with your financial success in mind. Our medical billing service is unsurpassed in the industry. Guaranteed.

Proven Past Performance

Your claims are all processed within 24 hours. This helps us at Xcite Health drive the growth of your profits and increase collections 10% to 20%, while reducing billing costs (compared to in-house).

Uncommon Processing

We are on top of things – early and fast! Errors are prevented from flowing through your whole system because we capture and address them up front. Our seasoned, experienced coding auditors and pre-adjudicators scrutinize your claims prior to them being submitted. This upfront work, before your claims are sent to payers, allows Xcite Health to determine what will be paid or tells us the accompanying information which is required. By doing this upfront, you get your money faster.

FREE Billing Analysis

Full Transparency

100% of claims are transmitted electronically and then filed after a thorough verification. Our dashboard reports make your life hassle-free. These online, easy-to-read dashboards are available 24/7 from any computer. The Xcite Health reporting processes and procedures are truly unparalleled in the medical billing industry.

Advanced Analytics and Services to Maximize Revenue:

  • Instantaneous financial reporting
  • Free EHR integration
  • State-of-the-art electronic claims submission and tracking
  • Accurate daily billing and follow-up
  • Rapid payment turnaround
  • Claims re-submission for pinpointing lost revenue

Xcite Health online services include:

  • Real-time, online financial statements
  • Secure log-in to website
  • Web-accessible patient information
  • Practice advanced analytics and reporting
  • Cash register/IOU
  • Personalized office forms available online 24/7:
    • Sign-in Sheets
    • Registration Forms
    • Office Superbills
    • Hospital Superbills

Other great value-added features include:

  • Online ‘Pending Transactions’ List, which rapidly updates missing information
  • To help reduce patient billing, the Cash Register/IOU feature provides customized transaction receipts for funds collected in your office
  • Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • Our service includes the provision of a collection agency for recovery of lost funds
  • Online, user-friendly scheduler to control appointments and your time

The ERA serves as a notification of payments, as well as simplifies the identification of EOBs or checks which have been misplaced along the way based on your current system and processes.

We simplify the arduous tasks of filing claims to secondary insurance, and the re-filing of denied or rejected claims, all in a timely manner. Additionally, EFT provides secure, efficient and fast electronic payment collections (saving an unnecessary trip to the bank). And, all of this helps you and your staff go home on time, while maximizing revenue.

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