Integrates with Other Systems

Integrates with Other Systems

Our Comprehensive Solutions are Adaptable — Making Revenue and Practice Management as Easy as 1-2-3

macbook-apple-imac-computer-39284At Xcite Health, we adapt to how YOU work and, if needed, can enter your patient information into the EHR, and process your claims within 24 hours after each patient visit! We create an accurate and efficient process that, under the direction of our experienced and highly trained staff, optimizes the data and claims flow to ensure that your claims are processed with lightning speed.

Of great importance, your medical practice can continue to utilize your current methods of capturing patient encounter data, as well as your current methods for creating superbills, or any other existing billing and coding processes. Your success depends on curtailing change and keeping the need for new processes to a bare minimum. We understand this, and will do everything possible to adapt to you and your staff!

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Less Stress and More Revenue: Hundreds of Practices have Benefited

We expedite both paper and electronic claims transmission of the patient encounter data for your medical practice. At Xcite Health, we help you efficiently meet your Medical Billing, ICD-10 Medical Coding and Documentation requirements.

You manage your patients, and we administer all of your electronic documentation, coding and billing quickly – and cost effectively!

With more than 10 years of experience in revenue management and processing claims, today we work with the following EHRs and Billing Platforms, plus many others:

AdvancedMD Greenway NextGen
Allscripts HealthNautica Office Ally
Athena Health Imagine OmniMD
Azaleahealth Kareo Practice Expert
Carecloud Lytec Practice Fusion
eClinicalWorks Medisoft Practice Partner
EMA Dermatology (Modernizing Medicine) Medisys RxNT
eMDs Mysis SequelMD
GE Centricity Navicure Zirmed


With years of experience with various platforms, this allows us to offer the utmost efficiency and functionality to our physician offices – bringing back to you the maximum revenue.

We are platform agnostic! After succeeding with so many varied EHR and Practice Management software systems, our technology team is consistently able to work with all technologies. We have a multi-talented, very experienced team that has mastered every software. So, with minimal delay we can become experts with whatever software you have been using – without any delay or training requirement.

We adapt to your software to make sure you get the best billing and coding personnel — without worrying about the software you use. Our experience with all of the major and varied software platforms makes us uniquely software agnostic. As some people say, we ‘play nice’ with everyone!

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