Get More Done

Get More Done

computer-1149148_1280Getting more done is based on finding a balance between what only you can do, as compared to what others can do more easily. The key is having a system like Xcite Health that is built from the ground up, to adapt to the way you practice medicine, so you can be effective, efficient and successful.


The Xcite Health system has three key features that help you get more done:


1. Office View Dashboard Like the ‘cash register’ in the grocery or clothing store – which shows you the price of everything as the clerk is processing it; and, it also shows you a running total … wouldn’t you like this sort of ‘heads up’ for you and your whole medical team? Would you like to know ‘what needs to be done next’, without even having to think about it? That’s what the Office View Dashboard gives you – it’s like magic!

2. Customized Templates – Based on how you practice medicine, we help you create an individualized plan with our templates. If you have typical forms that you like to utilize, or a particular order in which you like to process a patient visit, we ensure the templates allow YOU to drive the patient care protocol, rather than the software driving you.

3. Adaptable Software – A new medication has been launched, or a new guideline has been formulated. Would you like to make this a new, standard way that you diagnose and/or treat your patients?  It’s like creating a ‘favorites’ list on your computer or a playlist of your favorite music. It can be changed or adapted ‘on-the-fly’ — to meet your requirements and new best practices based on your preferences.

As of 2014, up to 70% of all physicians believe that EHRs decrease patient face-to-face time, decrease overall efficiency, have done little to nothing to improve overall quality of patient care, and state they would not repurchase their existing EHR system.

This situation is why so many physicians are turning to Xcite Health. The Xcite Health system gives you more control, allows you to get more done and helps you to reignite your passion and excitement for practicing medicine.

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