Family Physicians/GPs

Family Physicians/GPs

doctor-with-familyFamily Physicians and General Practitioners have one of the hardest jobs on the planet – because you have to learn everything about everyone, along with all diseases!

So, the opportunity with Xcite Health is that we can be your first, complete system that actually makes your job easier! Because we are customizable down to exactly how YOU practice medicine – our system can adapt to how you have been practicing medicine and, even more importantly – change ‘on the fly’ to adjustments you need to make in your patient encounter process.

Imagine – not having to beg your vendor to make a change, not having to wait for some ‘expert’ to alter key functions in the system.  Instead, you could wake up in the morning with a great idea – and have the change implemented in just 2 minutes!

The backbone of this complete but modular medical practice system is Xcite Health’s ability to empower you in your efforts to customize and/or create screens. The ability to change the flow of how information and options are presented to you is one-of-a-kind and unparalleled in the industry. 

The Xcite Health Electronic Health Record follows your way of practicing medicine. You can stop being constrained by a ‘box’ designed by a software engineer. We let physicians rule!

Today, Xcite Health has gone ‘far beyond’ this important feature to also provide a plethora of pre-developed, customizable charts, templates, and processes. The following is a partial inventory of the Xcite Health features and tools – and, if you do not see it in the list, please tell us and we will build it for you!

Annual Physical Templates

  • Children-Specific Screening Tools
  • Easy-to-Use and Access Information
  • Generates Asthma Action Plan
  • Growth Charts
  • Health Maintenance Rules
  • ICD-10 Features that Optimize Revenue
  • Immunization Forecasting
  • Lab Interface
  • Meaningful Use Dashboard / Reports
  • Patient Education Materials
  • Patient Portal E-Prescribing Formulary Check
  • Personalized Workflow
  • Real-Time Viewing of Office Activities
  • School & Camp Forms
  • State Vaccine Registry Interface
  • The MOST Easy-to-Use Main Screen – customizable to YOU!
  • Touch Screen Enabled
  • Treatment Templates
  • Updated Drug Database
  • Vaccine Refusal Forms
  • Voice Recognition

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