Electronic Health Record

Electronic Health Record

EHREHR and Physician Driven Workflows

Every physician works a little differently and every practice has individual needs. With Xcite’s customizable EHR, the workflow engine will allow you to practice medicine the way you want to practice medicine.

Our highly configurable workflow management system, combined with a unique user interface utilizing touch technology, makes for a one-of-a-kind solution in the EHR market. The info on the screens is altered, based on how you practice medicine, every time you make a decision and touch the screen. Priced right and a positive user experience, this make the Xcite EHR an economically viable solution that physicians and staff have told us can truly change the way they practice medicine.

Xcite can help transform any practice—no matter what size practice—into a profitable and efficient business.

Xcite’s EHR automates the workflow for your practice. The system not only gives the physician the tools to configure their own workflow patterns, but also help to enhance the processes already in place in the physician’s office – for both the physician and the staff.

Office View Dashboard

Dashboard view of the EHR software

Being able to track your patients during their encounter helps streamline the workflow for every office – no matter how big or how small. Xcite’s Office View Dashboard presents a global view of what is happening in the practice in real-time. This unique feature provides the practice with the information that everyone needs to be synchronized and therefore better manage patients from check-in to check-out.

Using the Office View Dashboard, the administrative and clinical staff can easily view:

  • How many patients are in the waiting room?
  • How many patients are in the examination rooms?
  • How long has a patient been waiting for their vitals? Examination?
  • What services have been ordered for each patient?
  • Where are the bottlenecks occurring?

This lets the team address these issues in a calm and organized fashion, getting on top of things and ensuring higher patient satisfaction.

Vitals and Chief Complaint

Vital signs or chief complaints

With the Xcite EHR Vitals and Chief Complaint Screen, clinical staff can simply touch on the “Vitals/Chief Complaint” service bar from the Office View, which automates the workflow for the specific visit type. Staff can capture both vitals and chief complaint under one screen.

The Chief Complaint screen allows you to select the patient’s chief complaint(s) from either your personal or common pick list.

  • Vitals measurements can be captured in English or Metric.
  • Option to take a new set of vitals. Also, out-of-range vitals can be set up to be flagged.
  • Convenient option to order labs, tests, or procedures, or view the patient’s height/weight flow sheet.

Chart View

EHR software chart view

A provider can enter patient data at the point-of-carefrom the Chart View. This screen is organized along the SOAP (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan) model.

  • The top of the chart displays demographic information, height/weight (BMI), current medications, and allergies.
  • The center section of the screen presents a summary of the current encounter or any open diagnosis; touching any of the icons or data brings up more details.
  • The green “encounters” on the left side of the Chart View allow a provider to review any past encounters.
  • Icons on the right side of the Chart View give the physician options to order labs, tests, sick/well assessment, and other point-of-care options.

Treatment/Plan Screen

EHR plan screenWith the Xcite Health EHR Treatment/Plan Screen, providers can effortlessly choose the right treatment course for the patient. All treatments are grouped under categories. Simply touch the category, and it will expand and provide more specific treatment options.

  • Each provider can set up own personal treatment list or use the common (shared) treatment list.
  • With the “Composite Treatment” option, a provider can order multiple treatments with a single touch.
  • If a treatment is not listed the provider may search the database by conveniently touching the “New Treatment” button.
  • Complex diagnoses such as diabetes, hypertension, and asthma have prescription medication organized based on class of drugs.

Vaccine Tracking and Management

Vaccine Tracking and ManagementXcite Health’s vaccine tracking and management module presents the clinical staff with a patient’s immunization schedule. It does the following:

  • Provides summary of vaccine history.
  • Alerts provider when vaccine(s) is overdue.
  • Recommends a schedule of any remaining doses.
  • Presents CDC rules that determine the recommended schedule.
  • Quickly add past vaccines.
  • Interface with state vaccine registries.
  • Electronically captured signature vaccine approval as well as vaccine refusal

Xcite Health provides more than an electronic health record system—it offers a customizable practice workflow platform.

For more information about the Xcite Health EHR + PM System, contact Xcite Health at (800) 924-8344.

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