Customizable to You

Customizable to You

computer-1149148_1280What if there was a system that was cost-effective, user-friendly and customizable? While allowing you to also grow your revenue?

All physicians work a bit differently, and every practice has requirements and templates that are different, based on each physician’s personal requirements. Therefore, finding the various components:  an EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Revenue Management system that adapts, configures and customizes to the way each physician practices medicine – is a dream come true!

The Xcite Health system is completely modular, is highly configurable and, combined with a unique user interface utilizing touch screen technology, offers your practice a one-of-a-kind solution for practices of every size.

Much of the feedback that we receive from physicians is that their current system is cumbersome, not dedicated to the way physicians practice medicine and is time-consuming.

With Xcite Health’s ability to individualize and customize the experience for every single physician, it allows you to chart quickly and efficiently.

When considering that 67% of physicians are currently dissatisfied with their EHR, this complete, modular and individually customizable solution from Xcite Health is a breath of fresh air!

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