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Coding Excellence and more

Want to Improve Your Financial Bottom Line through Better Coding?

pexels-photoIs your practice large or small? Either way, it doesn’t matter! At Xcite Health, we have the experience, expertise and depth of resources to grow your bottom line through better coding. With years of experience with practices ‘on the brink’, new practice start-ups, turn-around challenges, revenue cycle analysis, managed care contracting, and ancillary services development, we are the ‘go-to’ team in the industry to create a positive picture for your financial bottom line.

Xcite Health’s guarantee is that we will deliver results-oriented services that will enrich the financial bottom line for your medical practice – because they are designed specifically to address your needs, and your coding issues!

At Xcite Health, our focus is on providing people and processes for your medical practice that bring about a timely return on your investment. With years of experience, our proven strategies build physician consensus, improve and streamline patient flow, increase the productivity of your clinical and support staff, contain or reduce costs, secure lost revenue, upgrade your revenue cycle processes, and grow your market share.

Nowadays, many physicians feel that the administrative and coding burdens in this constantly changing environment are overwhelming, if not just downright annoying! Therefore, it is critical to have a team like Xcite Health continuously working to make certain you are implementing best practices, thereby optimizing your financial bottom line. Xcite Health is Here to Improve your Bottom Line.

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Medical Coding – Increasingly More Critical!

The foundation of your success starts with medical coding. Choosing the proper medical codes, with appropriate modifiers, is a critical element in the medical billing process for every practice. Every five to ten minutes, every single day, your office has the opportunity to ‘get it right’ or to ‘lose money’.

At every visit, each time a patient (new or existing) is seen by a physician or other healthcare provider, the healthcare professional or medical coder must assign the correct code(s). The goal is to ensure that the practice is properly reimbursed for the services that have been performed. When codes are used incorrectly, claims can be denied or billing can be delayed. In some instances, the improper use of codes could trigger a practice audit, which could then result in an assessment and the payment of fines.

Accurate Medical Coding Can Grow Your Revenue

For all medical practices, an essential part of the process in medical billing is accurate medical coding. At Xcite Health, our CPC certified coders are constantly being trained in this area, making them superbly skilled in all medical coding areas of concern. This means that our expert coders can help your medical practice improve through advanced billing and collection practices which, of course, will ultimately increase your financial bottom line.

Want to Improve Medical Billing & Collection? You Need Certified Coders!

If you want your medical practice’s bills to be paid on-time and in full, then you must have accurate coding.  Accurate coding provides the foundation upon which your medical practice can increase its revenue and eliminate costly time delays. To eliminate the problems caused by incorrect or improper coding, our skilled medical coders ‘have your back’. Our expert team also serves as a safety net to ward off audits that can be sparked when medical practices unintentionally apply incorrect codes and present them for payment.

Every single Xcite Health expert medical coder has extensive expertise in abstracting coding information from detailed and comprehensive reports and medical charts. By meticulously analyzing the patient’s health chart and related records, including the physician’s notes, imaging studies, lab tests and more, our experienced coders can pinpoint relevant diagnoses and procedures for every patient visit, thus ensuring all eligible codes are applied accurately.

The Xcite Health coders assign specific CPT, HCPCS and ICD codes after completing their review of the patient’s records. To make certain payment will be made for all relevant treatments and procedures as quickly as possible, and without delays, it is the job and passion of our medical coders to ensure you that can improve your financial bottom line through better medical coding.

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