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Press Releases

newspapers-444447_640Technology is constantly evolving, and so is Xcite Health Corp! Stay informed about the most recent changes, additions, and improvements to Xcite Health’s cloud-based EHR and Practice Management software.







Xcite Health Corp., a Leader in Complete Medical Practice Solution Software, Announces Pediatric Medical Associates as a New Version 7 Client

May 11, 2016

Xcite Health, award-winning provider of the most innovative Electronic Health Record (EHR) and complete office management solution – that lets you go home on time – is pleased to announce Pediatric Medical Associates as a new Version 7 client.

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Xcite Health, through a Partnership with M-Scribe, is Adding RCM Services to Its EHR to Help Customers Automate Their Entire Medical Practice

July 28, 2015

Xcite Health Corp. has partnered with M-Scribe to expand its service offerings by adding all-inclusive billing services to its core offering. This will help physicians increase collections, at lower costs, and adapt to the new regulations and changes in healthcare. By partnering together, this end-to-end, comprehensive solution will further automate processes, fine-tune procedures, and reduce claim errors and denials. Documentation processes and electronic health record (EHR) auto-generated codes will also be reviewed and updated regularly to help meet regulatory requirements, prepare for audits and produce better reports.

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Health Connexions™ Announces Xcite Health as a Client – to Empower Physician Practices

June 24, 2015

Health Connexions is proud to announce Xcite Health as a client. Xcite Health provides an innovative, one-of-a-kind Electronic Health Record (EHR) and comprehensive office management system (EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal and Revenue Cycle Management). With its unique Office View Dashboard, the Xcite Health system allows physicians to brilliantly coordinate their staff and have a more efficient practice.

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ICD-10 Rollout Update

April 16, 2015

We are pleased to announce that we have achieved a monumental milestone in ICD-10 readiness. We have completed the configuration and mapping of roughly 70,000 new SNOMED-based assessments that will soon be delivered to practices that have upgraded to the Xcite Version 7 product.

For ease of use, we have enhanced these assessments so that the only thing you will need to do to bill the correct ICD-10 code is to select a location (such as left, right, bilateral), and this will only be needed in the case of about 3500 of the assessments.

In all other instances, the system will automatically supply the intelligence needed (such as gender and age) to achieve the appropriate code. (We don’t think you will need to override this automated intelligence as it is based upon the very latest data available, as well as upon your own patient data. But if you do have a need, we will supply an automated override option, as well as a manual one, plus the option to bill two ICD-10 codes if desired.)

Expect to hear from us soon as we achieve the remaining milestones that will give you what we know will be the best ICD-10 solution in the industry.

These will include:

  1. Supplying a new ICD-10 search engine
  2. Moving your existing treatment lists over to the new SNOMED-based assessments
  3. Implementing parent assessments so that you can group assessments together on your short lists and combine treatment lists for families of assessments

We look forward to delivering the most complete ICD-10 solution for your practice.

Chris Tompkins Joins the Xcite Health Management Team

March 7, 2014
We are excited to announce that Chris Tompkins has been promoted to the Xcite Health Management Team. Chris will be responsible for managing the development of the combined EHR/PM solution and overseeing customer service.
As part of the Xcite Health Management Team, Chris’s primary goal will be focusing on the needs of each and every client. “I look forward to working with all of the Xcite Health Clients and listening so I can get a better understanding how we can make the Xcite Health product and services an even better experience for them,” Chris said.

ICD-10 Transition Update

March 7, 2014
As the ICD-10 deadline approaches we want to assure our clients and prospective clients that we are moving in the right direction and preparing for the transition to ICD-10 codes by the federally mandated date of October 1, 2014.

Xcite Health fully understands the importance of this transition we will provide updates on our progress. Once we have thoroughly tested the ICD-10 codes with selected beta sites, we will methodically transition the rest of our clients to the new ICD-10 codes as part of a comprehensive implementation process.

Meaningful Use Stage 2 Update

Nov 12, 2013
Xcite Health begins wave testing with the Drummond Group (Authorized Certification Body). This testing path will enable Xcite Health to become MU Stage 2 certified in Q1, 2014.

Surescripts® Certification 10.6

Nov 1, 2013
Xcite Health is pleased to announce that we have successfully completed Surescripts® certification testing for prescription routing messaging (NEWRX, REFREQ, REFRES, STATUS, ERROR). Our continued goal is to evolve the software and provide you, the client, with tools to make your practice more efficient and deliver quality care.

Xcite Health Offers a Secure Help Desk Portal

Oct 15, 2013
Transforming your physician-based practice into a business enterprise just got a little easier. Xcite Health has rolled out a new, secure online help desk portal for its customers. Through this portal, our clients will be able to create and manage support requests and find the help they need faster than ever. In addition, our clients will be able to search for and review proven solutions for previously resolved issues.

Xcite Health Completes Recertification with Quest Diagnostics

Aug 14, 2013
We understand that secure and bidirectional lab interfaces are key ingredients to a successful physician-based practice. We make it our business to maintain certification and comply with security standards. As part of this effort, Xcite Health has successfully completed recertification testing with Quest Diagnostics, ensuring that our cloud-based EHR solution meets Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) security standards.

Our clients can request a lab interface with Quest Diagnostics by clicking here!

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Aug 8, 2013
Xcite Health has elected to use The Drummond Group again for the 2014 Certification Edition (Meaningful Use Stage 2). We will use the “Wave Testing Approach,” which will enable us to incrementally test for various certification criteria in phases, instead of all at once.

The Xcite EHR will be certified for MU Stage 2 in three “waves.” The first test will be conducted in November, 2013 followed by a second wave of testing in January, 2014 and the final testing will take place in Q1, 2014.

Growing Interest in Xcite Health’s Cloud-Based Enterprise Solution

Aug 8, 2013
Interest in our cloud-based EHR solution continues to grow, as many of our existing clients are transitioning from client-server technology to the cloud based solution. Clients are attracted to this new solution for a number of reasons, including ease of access, scalability, savings, and peace of mind.

Learn how Xcite Health’s cloud-based EHR technology can transform your clinical practice into a business enterprise.

Newest Iteration of Version 6

Jul 2, 2013
Version 6.5a.7 has been released to production. Please contact Xcite Health for the complete list of enhancements and items addressed. Support Services have been contacting Version 6 Clients to set up times to receive the next release. Please contact Support @ 800.924.8344 or if you have not been confirmed on the schedule.

State Vaccine Interface Revised (GRITS)

Feb 8, 2013
Xcite Health has successfully revised the Georgia Immunization Registry (“GRITS”) interface, which collects and submits key inventory data, such as lot numbers and site IDs. With these changes, GRITS will be able to provide the inventory deduction function for our Xcite EHR providers.

Supplying GRITS with the imperative data points means that your practice will have accurate information for the Vaccines for Children (VFC) program. Moving forward, VFC will be using a new, web-based ordering tool (“VTrcks”) which will allow providers to access data currently kept on file at the GRITS office.

Introducing Emdeon Provider Complete

Jan 31, 2013
Xcite Health is proud to offer Emdeon Provider Complete as part of the Xcite Health Enterprise Solution. Services include:

  • Handling all payer enrollments.
  • Providing post “go-live” monitoring.
  • 24/7 online and on-call support.

With Emdeon Provider Complete, practices will be better equipped to prevent decreases in revenue before they occur.

Learn how Xcite Health’s cloud-based EHR technology can help transform your clinical practice into a business enterprise.

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