A More Efficient Practice

A More Efficient Practice


Our physician users say it best: “It does what it says! I am very satisfied with the product as it has improved our efficiency. I have more time with patients.”

If you want a practice that lets you see more patients and still go home on time, then Xcite Health is the system for you. When the day is done, so are you.

A fundamental difference in Xcite Health is that it makes your work, in conjunction with your staff’s work – better synchronized! Don’t settle for a practice that wastes your time.

Charting a patient visit has never been easier – and it’s customized to the way YOU practice medicine. By keeping everyone ‘in the loop’, and focused on moving the patient through an optimal care protocol – the easy-to-implement Office View Dashboard of ‘what to do next’ leads everyone to the next task easily and quietly! Work is seamless, simultaneous and consistent – ensuring high levels of patient and staff satisfaction.

Efficiency and Simplicity of your EHR

The efficiency and simplicity (or lack thereof) of an Electronic Health Record (EHR) can be a critical determining factor as to whether your practice thrives or fails. With 67% of physicians reporting they are unsatisfied with their current EHR, and 60% indicating they want to ‘make another EHR choice’ – one can easily see that most EHRs are not helping physician efficiency – and are, perhaps, severely hurting office efficiency and profitability.

Would you like to see significant improvements in office work flow efficiency? Would you like the work to be simplified for you and your staff? Are you tired of bending to someone else’s rules – and frustrated that you are not allowed to practice medicine your way?

With Xcite Health, you will be able to see more patients, more efficiently. This can dramatically increase your revenue.

Efficiency of your Revenue Management

And then, if you also utilize our medical billing and revenue management program, (Revenue Cycle Management, or RCM), we provide knowledgeable, friendly and efficient people to perform the administrative and financial activities that then drop directly to your bottom line. Our goal is to make your practice more about providing excellent patient care, and less about paperwork.

The financial success of a practice is dependent on the efficiency of the practice’s billing system and operations. Therefore, these components have a direct impace on the maximization of revenue.

In fact, Xcite Health offices often report decreased patient wait times, increased patient and staff satisfaction, greater revenue and physicians feel more in control of their practices – and their lives!

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