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Why Xcite Health?

The Xcite Office View dashboard improves practice productivity and patient satisfaction by allowing providers, nurses, and the front office staff to view the entire daily operation. By monitoring patient flow, administrators can easily identify bottlenecks and keep the practice operating seamlessly.
Cloud computing refers to the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service to end-users. Cloud computing entrusts services with a user’s data, software, and computation over a network.
Go live in 5 days – therefore, the Xcite EHR onsite ‘Go-Live Training’ saves you time, effort, and money!

You save time because of the ease of use, you save effort because the tasks are synchronized, and you save money because you quickly get to full work capacity. After only five days of the onsite Go-Live Training with our Training Specialists, you will be charting 100% of your previous daily patient load.

30 days AFTER your ‘Go-Live Training’ has been completed, we guarantee your practice will see and process as many patient encounters on the Xcite EHR as you did with your previous system. Otherwise, we will gladly refund your training fees.

Our software and implementation is designed to help practices quickly increase productivity and revenue. Xcite Health is well tested with hundreds of physicians already on board. Xcite is confident that you will see as many patients (or more) within 30 days of going live, as you did before. In fact, most physicians state that they easily see the same number of patients – but now they don’t have to take all of their paperwork home. Bonus!


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